Bienvenido a Casa

Welcome Home

A famous Mexican saying reads "Pansa Llena, Corazon Contento," meaning that if your belly is full, your heart is happy. Here at The Victoria we believe in making your heart happy from the heart of our kitchen. That is why we do not simply serve food for profit but instead serve food prepared from our hearts in an attempt to make you feel happy and at home.   

We proudly bring you our home style cooking and family recipes passed down from our ancestors who humbly prepared food for the pilgrims that would cross by our native pueblo. Our menu did not begin at our kitchen but in the kitchen of those before us who made the most delicious recipes out of the little supplies they had at hand. Today we wish to expand those recipes to their most delicious potential and bring them to your 'pansa' so that you may leave with a happy heart.

Other offerings besides our regular menu include;

Entertainment from Talented Local Artists

Sunday Buffet from 9am – 3pm

Daily Specials starting at just $5

Traditional Mexican Favorites & Unique Family Recipes

We can’t wait to meet you!



We look forward to seeing you!

13435 Bee St, Farmers Branch TX 75234

Monday 11AM-3PM

Tuesday-Thursday 11AM-9PM

Friday-Saturday 11AM-10PM

Sunday 9AM-3PM

P: (214) 772-6617